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€ 135,00 € 84,95


The Championship Extra Duty ball lives up to its name with a battle-tested mentality and insatiable spirit. Featuring Dura-Weave felt for added durability on all court surfaces, recreational players can enjoy and feel confident using this ball anytime, anywhere.
Extra Duty: The ball is designed for extended play on all court surfaces. This "extra duty" designation means it is suitable for hard courts, clay courts, turf fields and more.
More Endurance and Improved Performance: The ball is designed to offer increased durability, ensuring that it can withstand the stresses of extended play and maintain its performance during a game or training session.
Exclusive Dura-Weave Felt: The Championship Extra Duty ball features Dura-Weave felt, a specific type of felt designed to improve the ball's longevity and playability. This felt coating is made to resist wear and tear on a variety of court surfaces.
Color: Yellow
Package: 4-ball can
Playing Surface: All court surfaces (Suitable for use on different court surfaces, making it versatile for different playing conditions.)
Ball Type: Championship (This indicates the quality and performance standards of the ball, often associated with official or professional play.)
In summary, the Championship Extra Duty ball is designed to withstand and deliver excellent performance on all court surfaces. It is especially suited for recreational players who want a durable and reliable ball for their matches. The exclusive Dura-Weave felt is a key feature that contributes to the ball's enhanced durability.

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