All products have an official warranty from the producer. By law, all products are under a minimum 24 month warranty. In order to take advantage of the warranty, the client has to remain in possess of  the invoice and send an email to helpdesk@nencinisport.it. You can also go to one of the suppliers' customer service locations and benefit from their services.

Warranty is only available if the product was correctly used and not damaged by the customer and only used for private purpose, not for companies. If these conditions are fulfilled, Nencini Sport will pick up the items and proceed with the refund or replacement of the product. If the product shows damages due to customer’s usage, the customer will be charged with check-tests costs and shipment costs.

At the moment of the purchase, the client may choose if he wishes to receive a receipt or an invoice. In case of an invoice, the client can specify an address for the invoice different than the one used for the shipping. In both cases, the documents will be sealed in a closed envelope and will be shipped together with the order.

Used items (for example "Used Bikes") are covered by a 12-month warranty instead of 24 months.


E-commerce, according to article 22 of dPR 633 from 1992, doesn’t require an invoice or a receipt, unless specifically requested by the client. The selling document is useful in the case of warranty, therefore it is necessary for the client to keep one of the copies. If this will go missing, the client can email us at a helpdesk@nencinisport.it, with the subject “Copy of selling document” and including in the text date and number of the order