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Oakley offers excellent products for Cycling, Mountain and Lifestyle, from lenses to helmets and clothing.

Category Lenses

Every lens, be it a lifestyle goggles, cycling goggles or a ski/snowboard mask, is able to block a certain amount of light that reaches the eye. Based on the percentage transmitted, the lenses were divided into 5 categories, from 0 to 4, in detail:

  • S0: Transparent lens suitable for interior and night. Light transmission 80%-100%.
  • S1: Lens for low brightness, slightly colored suitable for bad weather and fog. Light transmission 43%-80%.
  • S2: Colored lens for medium brightness, suitable for partly sunny or cloudy weather. Light transmission 18%-43%.
  • S3: Dark lens for strong brightness, suitable for very sunny days. Light transmission 8%-18%.
  • S4: Lente molto scura per esposizioni estreme, indicata per uso su ghiacciaio. Trasmissione della luce 3%-8%.

Lens type

Are you looking for a pair of sports glasses or lifestyle? You can choose between models with mirrored or polarized lenses for bright light situations or photochromatic or transparent lenses for your workouts with sub-optimal weather conditions. Discover Oakley’s Prizm technology that enhances color and contrast.


Common feature of most sunglasses, lenses with UV filter, colored and intended for multiple situations.

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Glasses and masks with photochromatic lenses are a real godsend for outings in adverse weather conditions or light conditions at medium intensity, or for your late afternoon workouts.

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The polarized lenses have a filter further positioned in the opposite direction to that of light. They can greatly reduce the annoying reflections and the glare of the sun.

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Prizm Everyday

Prizm technology to wear every day. Discover lifestyle glasses with lenses that increase the sharpness of what you see!

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Prizm Sport Performance

Their technology is designed to enhance color and contrast so you see more details during your workouts.

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They are classic lenses, transparent, to be used indoors, at night or in bad weather conditions.

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PRIZM technology

The strengths of Prizm technology are: Colors, Contrast, Details. The colors are optimized to show you a more vivid world while the contrast is increased to have a perception of depth and highlight the characteristics of the environment in which you are. The details are much sharper so you can see every single imperfection in the soil.

Oakley: glasses, helmets and clothing

Oakley has been one of the top brands of sport and lifestyle since 1975. The historic Californian brand, currently holds over 600 patents and is constantly looking for solutions to problems, packaging these innovations in art and improving the experience of athletes. This philosophy has made Oakley one of the most outstanding brands on the market. Discovering new technologies is in Oakley’s DNA. Famous for its unsurpassed lenses, the Oakley glasses are the protagonists among athletes who practice cycling, running, triathlon, surfing, golf and outdoor. In addition, the innovative Oakley ski and snowboard masks are ideal for those who want to make every descent perfect while enjoying the colors of nature. Discover the new Oakley collections, made with PRIZM™ technology to improve colors and contrasts, so you can see every single detail.

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