Gift Card

The perfect gift for any occasion
Do you want to make a gift but you don't know exactly what?
With the Nencini Sport Gift Card you can give the opportunity to choose.
Suitable for any occasion, birthdays, Christmas and many other special moments.
You can buy the Nencini Sport Gift Card directly in our stores or comfortably here on our online shop, choosing between various cuts or carnet.

Choose the value

Choose the value of your
gift card

available in the gift box

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Choose the right cut for your Gift Card, it is an excellent gift that will surely make the recipient happy, thus leaving him the choice among many products on our site or in our stores, from clothing both sports and lifestyle to sports equipment.

For companies

It is possible to deduct our Gift Cards if used as a corporate gift under € 50. Our Gift Cards are VAT exempt according to art. 2 of Presidential Decree 633 of 1972

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