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Our feet represent one of the most delicate and important parts of our body, supporting and holding us up. This is the reason why we have to take good care of them, especially when we put them under strain during hard training. People doing sports need healthy feet, they need to breathe and be protected. Your socks are very important for this. Check out our wide variety of top-brand technical and sport socks at Nencini Sport. You will be surprised by discounts of up to 67%. Your feet will be grateful to you.

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Kid's Sock
€ 18,00
Sports Socks
€ 12,00
Trekking Socks
€ 15,90
Trekking sock
€ 15,90
Men's Fleece Sock
€ 9,95 € 6,46
Men's Fleece Sock
€ 12,95 € 8,32
BASSO Women's Cazini
€ 3,95
Unisex Trekking Socks
€ 12,95