How much does the shipping cost?

To know the shipping costs you will need to consult the table on this page.

If your country is not present in the table, you can request for a personalized estimate by writing to us at this email.


How long does it take FOR deliverY?

The shipment of goods, from our headquarters, is usually done the next working day after the order has been received or on the same day. 

Sometimes finding a few items may result in a delivery delay of 1/2 additional days.

To know the delivery times you need to consult the table on this page: Costs and times of delivery

At the time of departure the customer will be notified of the shipping, with an email containing the tracking number of the courier in charge.


Checklist for delivery.

The package must be intact, not damaged or wet.

The number of packages listed on the transport documents must be the same as the number delivered.

Any claims or objections must be made immediately to the carrier, who will give a receipt “CON RISERVA” so that we can start an insurance file. If you don’t request one of those at the time of delivery,  the order will be consider as correctly delivered. All the documents coming with the package have to be kept.




When ordering it is possible to select the "in-store PICK UP" at checkout, choosing the Nencini Sport point of sale you prefer. Then you’ll receive an email and a sms that will confirm your order is ready to be collected and that you can go to the NS store you selected.Please note: you’ll need to bring that e-mail (you can print it or show it on your smartphone) and your ID card to the store. Otherwsise it will not be possible to pick up the item.



Do you ship to other countries?

Nencini Sport ships worldwide. For most countries in Europe we offer one time payment options and delivery times. For shipping to other countries, click here to see delivery times and costs. (link) In regards to countries that don’t appear on the list, please contact us at helpdesk@nencinisport.it, stating the articles you wish to order, country of delivery and ZIP or postal code. For foreign orders, cash on delivery is not accepted as a payment method.


How do taxes work for orders to other countries?

For shipments to EU countries, taxes are  included in the invoice, and paid by the customer. For non-EU countries, the shipment takes place without any additional taxes. For orders to Livigno, Switzerland, Norway and the Canary Islands, taxes will be charged with the order, and will be returned on the debit card when the order has been shipped. 

For orders delivered to Livigno, Switzerland and Norway VAT will be debited in the order of the order and then returned directly to the credit card upon departure.

Which payment options are accepted?

Nencini Sport accepts:


*Credit Cards, (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). Payment by credit card is guaranteed by Payplug, with protocol PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard). The account will be charged at the end of the order. If the order is canceled, the charge will be refunded.

*Paypal, You will be redirected to PayPal website, where you can finish the payment directly through your account. Your account will be charged once we receive the order. If the order is canceled, the charge will be refunded to the client’s account..

* Bank or Wire Transfer, The order will be shipped only AFTER Nencini Sport receives the payment on our checking account, which has to happen within 7 day after the date of the order. If the order is canceled, the charge will be refunded on the client’s checking account. IBAN: IT73Z0832537760000000080428, SWIFT: ICRAITRR910.

How do I make my warranty count??

All products have an official warranty from the producer. By law, all products are under a minimum 24 month warranty. In order to take advantage of the warranty, the client has to remain in possession of  the invoice and call our customer service center at +39 055-8826000 or email helpdesk@nencinisport.it. You can also go to one of the many Customer Service shops and benefit from free replacement or exchange. Warranty is only available if the product was correctly used and not damaged by the customer and only used for private purpose, not for companies. If these conditions are fulfilled, Nencini Sport will pick up the items and proceed with the refund or replacement of the product. If the product shows damages due to customer’s usage, the customer will be charged with check-tests costs and shipment costs.


When I receive an order, do I get an invoice or a receipt?

At the moment of the purchase, the client may choose if he wishes to receive a receipt or an invoice. In case of an invoice, the client can specify an address for the invoice different than the one used for the shipping. In both cases, the documents will be sealed in a closed envelope and will be shipped together with the order.




E-commerce, according to article 22 of dPR 633 from 1992, doesn’t require an invoice or a receipt, unless specifically requested by the client. The selling document is useful in the case of warranty, therefore it is necessary for the client to keep one of the copies. If this will go missing, the client can email us at a helpdesk@nencinisport.it, with the subject “Copy of selling document” and including in the text date and number of the order.

Are taxes included in the labeled price?

All prices you see on nencinisport.it ar inclusive of taxes (22%). Nencini Sport maintains the right to change prices  any time and without any forewarning.


How do taxes apply on orders shipped outside the country?

For EU countries, taxes are originally included in the labeled price. Non-EU countries do not have to pay taxes on purchased items. For shipping to Livigno, Switzerland and Norway, taxes will be charged initially, but they will be refunded on the credit card as soon as the order is shipped.


Can I have the products assembled prior to delivery?

If you buy skis and bindings online, it is possible to request to have them assembled for no additional charge. Just send an email to helpdesk@nencinisport.it including:

-Order number

-Boot size in cm


-Skiing ability level (Beginner, Tourist, Advanced, Race)

Assembly of all other sport equipment is possible, but subject to additional charge. You can request assembly and/or price estimate by emailing helpdesk@nencinisport.it.


Is it possible to have customized items?


You can request to customize some items such as duffle bags, sport suits, shoes, goalkeeper gloves, etc. For all items which have been customized, cash-on-delivery is not allowed as a payment method. Exchanges and refunds are also prohibited for products which have been customized

How are the customer’s personal info treated?

Customer’s personal information are used in order to fulfill the client’s requests and they are never given t others. Nencini Sport guarantees privacy policies as stated by law DL 196, 30.06.03.

The customer can revoke the consent to the treatment of his personal info by mail to our legal offices. Marketing communications will only be sent after the client’s explicit permission.


What are the risks of paying with credit card?


Risks are really low. Your credit card data (number and expiration date) will only stay on our server for a few seconds before being transferred to our partner’s Secure Server. Payments are guaranteed by Infogroup, certified by Verisign. Payment will only be charged on the credit card after the shipment has happened.

Other questions?


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